Lapping and Polishing Equipment

Measurement Description
Engis®/Hyprez®Single-Side Lapping and Polishing (Diamond Application):
  • 28-inch application machines:
  • >>>> ------Capable of holding very close
    ------tolerances --less than 0.000010"
    ------(1 Lightband) and a surface finish
    ------of 50 Angstroms (0.2 microinches).
    >>>>------Thickness control to 0.0001"
    >>>>------Part sizes up to 16" diameter.
  • 15-inch production machines:
  • >>>>------Capable of holding very close tolerances
    --------less than (1 Lightband) and a surface
    ------finish of 50 Angstroms.
    >>>>------Used for automatic close-tolerance
    ------production runs.
  • 24-inch production machines:
  • >>>>------Used for roughing the material
    ------down, before final polish..
    P.R. Hoffman®/Engis®Double-Side Lapping and Polishing:
  • Capable of holding very close tolerances.
  • >>>>------Capable of handling 6-1/2" diameter
    ------disks to thickness under 0.010".
    >>>>------Used mainly for diamond applications.

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